Questionnaire “intrusive” to the hiring : the University Laval “without words”

News 26 January, 2018
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    Friday, January 26, 2018 10:14

    Friday, January 26, 2018 10:14

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    Université Laval does not explain why the survey “intrusive” for hiring of office employees has been used in them, and on period, as revealed by The Newspaper on Friday morning.

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    This form, which violates the Charter of rights and freedoms according to the european Commission of human rights, is denounced by all those who were interviewed on this topic.

    To take notice of the form: A questionnaire very “intrusive” at Université Laval

    On Friday morning, a lawyer specialized in labour law spoke out loudly and clearly not his words towards her. “It is rare that a lawyer will tell you that it is clearly illegal, but in this case, it is clearly illegal, it really exceeds belief”, has launched Me Maxime Guérin, on the waves of LCN, according to which its use is “impossible to justify”.

    The vice-rector, human resources Université Laval, Lyne Bouchard, has had a lot of trouble to do so, in interview to the Quebec Morning. According to her, there is a type of question “frequently used” during the job interviews “to ensure that there is nothing in the nature of the work to be done, which may be contraindicated for the person who postulates”.

    But it was immediately admitted that the issues criticized does not seem “relevant” and the form controversial has been removed accordingly, “as soon as [they have] been seized” of the issue by a journalist of the Newspaper, at the beginning of the month. “It happened in the same day,” she says.

    “I am without words, honestly. I’m wondering about the use of these particular issues. I can’t explain for the moment, but it is clear that it does not allow for this type of question inappropriate for the type of posts that we have to offer,” she acknowledged.

    The questionnaire, prepared by a firm of medical specialists in this sector of activity was “probably too generic” for the jobs of the Université Laval, she tried by way of explanation, adding that the management of the establishment is “in the process of reviewing the recruitment process”.

    Ms. Bouchard said that Laval University had never received a formal complaint about this questionnaire.