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News 9 February, 2018
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    Friday, 9 February 2018 16:10

    Friday, 9 February 2018 16:33

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    Have you been following the news of the week?

    Even if it is the shortest month, February is no less rich in events that have captured our attention.

    The winter olympics are out of the geopolitical issues in parallel. As what this competition on a global scale is not limited to the sport. Quite to the contrary.

    And showbiz does not respite no more. Not to mention the Super Bowl and the statements on the cookie-cutter of our politicians.

    Are you aware of that?

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    QuizQuestion #1 which provides won the 52nd Super Bowl?

    The Philadelphia Eagles

    The Patriots of New England

    photo afpThe Philadelphia Eagles
    It was the first Super Bowl won by the Philadelphia Eagles. They have postponed by a score of 41-33 in the face of the Patriots of New England.Question #2De what Jean-François Lisée has he apologized in the beginning of the week?

    A joke about the moustache of Manon Massé

    A joke on the laugh Valerie Plant

    A joke about the moustache of Manon Massé
    It is to the radio The Evening is still young to Radio-Canada that the PQ leader has allowed himself to joke about the fact that his vice-chief, Véronique Hivon, unlike Manon Massé, sported no moustache. Its page on Facebook, Jean-François Lisée apologized for the awkwardness of his gag improvised. Question #3what american actress, through an interview in the New York Times, has accused the producer Harvey Weinstein to have assaulted?

    Halle Berry

    Uma Thurman

    alberto reyes/wennUma Thurman
    The assault would have taken place after the release of Pulp Fiction (1994) and before the filming of Kill Bill : Vol. 1 (2003). Question #4in what municipality of Abitibi, the mayor has awarded a salary increase of 36.5 %?

    The Saarland


    photo courtesy town of amos,Amos
    With a salary of $ 88,000 as, and an expense allowance of 16 595 $, Sébastien D’astous becomes one of the mayor the best paid in Quebec for a city of less than 15,000 citizens.Question #5Quels professionals in the field of health have decided to withdraw from the RAMQ?



    photo fotoliaoptometrists
    To denounce the failure of negotiations with the ministry of Health and social Services (DHSS) about the pricing of examinations reimbursed by the RAMQ, the Association of Optometrists of Quebec should no longer be a part of it from the 10th march next.Question #6Selon some professional actors, what trades their “steals” of the work on the sets?

    The doctors

    The police

    archival photo ben pelossepolice
    The producers of the series, District 31, 19-2, Unité 9, Victor Lessard, the Memories vivid, Blue Moon, . would appeal to real police officers as extras or in third roles. Question #7Quelle comedian launched this week its first one-woman show entitled Velvet?

    Korine Côté

    Virginie Fortin

    photo qmi agency dario ayalaKatherine Levac
    According to The Newspaper, the humorist of the original franco-ontarian would have already sold 75,000 tickets for the first tour. Question #8Quel word used Luc Ferrandez to qualify the election promise not to raise taxes made by his party projet Montréal?

    Rookie mistake

    Poor communication

    photo 24 sarah daoust-braunAmateurism
    The mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal has issued this criticism of his party in an interview with the radio station of 98.5.Question #9Quel state of south-East Asia was shaken by a violent earthquake this week?



    photo afpTaiwan
    According to the latest balance sheet, the quake left nine people dead and dozens missing in the city of taiwan to Hualien.Question #10Pourquoi the athlete Pita Taufatofua Tonga has it been noticed at the ceremonial opening of the winter olympic Games in Pyeongchang?

    He dropped his flag, and stumbled

    It is lost during the route of the parade

    photo afpHe marched bare-chested, carrying the flag of his country
    The athlete of cross-country skiing 34-year-old had also paraded bare-chested dressed in the traditional loincloth of Tonga during his participation in the olympic Games of Rio in 2016. He was then involved in the event of taekwondo. Share your result on Facebook