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News 23 March, 2018
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    Friday, 23 march, 2018 16:37

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 16:44

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    If international politics continues to talk with the various ongoing conflicts, the politicians in us are not lacking an opportunity to talk about themselves. And to say that the provincial elections are in October…

    The major economic and environmental issues have also received attention in the beginning of spring.

    Are you aware of the great records of the week?

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    QuizQuel won the cheese “Extra” produced by the agricultural co-operative Agropur Saint-Hyacinthe?

    Best packaging design

    Best cheese in the whey

    photo courtesyBest camembert in the world
    The Extra was imposed in the face of 17 other pie charts at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin. This news has strongly reacted to the european media. The edition of the belgian Paris Match went to a title that seeks to be emphatic: “Tabarnak! The best camembert in the world is… Quebec! “What leader was re-elected head of the Russia last Sunday?

    Dmitry Medvedev

    Vladimir Putin

    photoi afpVladimir Putin
    With more than 76 % of the votes, more than 56 million votes, it is the highest score of the political career of Vladimir Putin.What species of animal is threatened with the death of its last representative male this week in Kenya?

    The Northern white rhino

    The polar bear

    photo afpThe Northern white rhino
    Sudan, the animal in question, has died at the age of 45 years in Kenya. There are still two female rhinos white the North still living. The section In 5 minutes, the Journal reported, however, that scientists are working to develop a technique of in vitro fertilization to design a “baby rhinoceros test-tubes”. The comedian canadian Howie Mandel became a co-owner of an important cultural enterprise in quebec. What company is this?


    Network Admission

    photo qmi agencyJust for laughs
    In partnership with the agency of artists, ICM Partners, Mandel, as we have seen in programming Deal or no Deal and America’s Got Talent, has acquired the company founded by Gilbert Rozon in 1983. What did we asked the employee(s)of Service Canada for their communication with the public?

    To wait several minutes in queue

    Always use the English in the first

    illustration philippe melbourne dufouravoid the words “mr.”, “mrs.”, “father” and “mother”
    It is in a memo to the attention of front-line staff as Service Canada recommends to “use a language-neutral level”. What are the two major league teams in baseball face off at the olympic Stadium on Monday and Tuesday?

    The Blues Jays and the Boston Red Sox

    The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees

    photo archiveThe Blues Jays and the Cardinals de Saint-Louis
    Several former players of the Montreal Expos, such as Larry Parrish, Ellis Valentine, Chris Speier, Darren Fletcher, John Wetteland, Ken Hill and Jose Vidro will be honored during ceremonies before the game. What a british company is accused of having used the data of users of Facebook to target voters in the last american election?

    Cambridge Analytica


    archival photo reutersCambridge Analytica
    After a few days without a response, the big boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has finally apologized, while promising to allow users to better control the use of their personal data.What result has been the defeat of the Canadian Wednesday night against the Penguins?

    The team is officially allowed in the playoffs

    photo ben pelosseThe team is officially ruled out of the playoffs
    Bowing 5 to 3 in front of the Penguins, the Canadian is officially ruled out of the playoffs. This is the second time in three years.What ex-chief of the French State was charged Wednesday in the framework of the investigation on suspicion of funding in libya for his election campaign of 2007?

    François Hollande

    Ségolène Royal

    photo afp –Nicolas Sarkozy
    The former French president was held in police custody for 26 hours from Tuesday to Wednesday. He continues to deny the facts alleged against him. What ex-politician has been appointed by Stingray, a company that specializes in music streaming?

    Denis Coderre

    Stéphane Dion

    photo archivesDenis Coderre
    As announced by the Journal : “the former mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, is now a special advisor for strategy and international development for the montreal company Stingray”. Share your result on Facebook