[QUIZ] Who said what, 2017?

News 23 December, 2017
  • Philippe Melbourne Dufour

    Stéphane Plant

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 08:02

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 08:02

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    Another year done and over with! We can safely say that 2017 was a vintage rich about colorful of all the units. A good raw.

    Before starting the big count-in, try to remember which public figure has pronounced the following sentences.

    Place to our quiz on the quotes of 2017!

    QuizQuestion #1 which provides said : “We will not stop making the cellar here. The little laughing cow is produced(sic) with milk québécois”?

    François Blais

    Pierre Moreau

    Laurent Lessard
    After that Laurent Lessard explained that the cheese is “Vache qui rit” was produced in Quebec, the journalist Sébastien Bovet has ironisé on the fact that the cheese in question was a european trend. It was then that Lessard was impatient… Question #2Qui said : “In the middle of the winter I spent 3 or 4 months without hot water”?

    Julie Payette

    Michaëlle Jean

    Michaëlle Jean
    The ex-representative of the Queen in Canada to justify the expenditure(estimated at$ 500,000) for renovations in her apartment in Paris where she was secretary general of the international Organization of the Francophonie (OIF). Question #3Qui said : “I prayed not to be elected” ?

    Elsie Lefebvre

    Richard Bergeron

    Richard Bergeron
    When we look at the outcome of the elections, it would seem that the prayers of the ex-chief and founder of Project Montreal have been heard.Question #4 which said “greaves it’s deeply québécois. It comes from our terroir. I’m a big consumer of greaves. I eat it often with mustard”?

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

    Martin Picard

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois accompanies them-t-he his greaves of the same mustard that is served with the coleslaw the most thawed of the box? Question #5 Who said, “he spends Halloween with his family, this is perfect. But what he presents himself to the question and answer period with the big slick hair. This is what those stories”?

    François Bonnardel

    Maxime Bernier

    Gérard Deltell
    The least we can say is that the conservative mp has not appreciated that Justin Trudeau is leading in Parliament disguised as Superman. Question #6Qui said : “I am convinced that in the coming weeks there will be very good news for Netflix…” ?

    Dominique Anglade

    Sophie Prégent

    Mélanie Joly
    When she spoke of “good news”, Mélanie Joly was she referring to the return of the Stranger Things for a third season? Question #7Qui said, “The mentality in montreal, I vomit. Montreal is a city of loser. A city filled with Joe Knowing who know nothing”?

    Pierre “Doc” Mailloux

    Jean-François Gosselin

    André Arthur
    In short, it will be understood that the radio presenter, former mp and the bus driver did not participate in the celebrations of the 375th anniversary of Montreal. Question #8who said, “there may be sovereignists who are going to find today that Ottawa is not less wicked than Madrid”?

    John Christian

    Maxime Bernier

    François Legault
    He had already been qualified of “sovereigntist pressed” at a certain time, François Legault held his comments in the wake of the raids and the arrests of the Spanish government, following the referendum in Catalonia.Question #9Qui said, “It is a project that is unanimously in Quebec city… except for a few”?

    Jean-Thomas Jobin

    Sam Hamad

    Régis Labeaume
    With a formulation like that, the mayor Labeaume could give lessons of “absurd” at the national School of humor. Question #10Qui said, “THANK you PACK”?

    Don Cherry

    Marie-Chantale Toupin

    Marie-Chantale Toupin
    The singer went from this apology of the Pack in a message left on Facebook. (The capital letters give almost the answer…) Question #11Qui said, “I’m not a super-bowl of races”?

    Kellie Leitch

    Stéfanie Trudeau

    Stéfanie Trudeau
    The agent 728 explained as well that she had not been able to identify the nationality of Julian Menezes during his arrest in 2012. The latter was accused, moreover, of having insulted and injured. Question #12Qui said, “Despite the covfefe press constantly negative…”?

    Kellyanne Conway

    Steve Bannon

    Donald Trump
    The definition of the now famous “covfefe” remains a well-kept secret from the american president… enough To give headache to linguists for years. Question #13Qui said “It takes not the pogo the more thawed out of the box to understand that after having started the fire in the building, this is not a lick of paint and new curtains that are going to change things”?

    Lise Thériault

    Stéphanie Vallée

    Manon Massé
    The co-spokesperson of Québec Solidaire, reacting to the budget of the liberal government in borrowing the elegant analogy of cooking. Question #14Qui said “make me say by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois that I have betrayed the Quebec, I am really in beautiful calvary”?

    Boom Desjardins

    Raymond Bachand

    Bernard Drainville
    During the by-election in Gouin, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois had said they want to “get out the political class that governs us since 30 years, because she had betrayed the province of Quebec”. Since, it is better to avoid inviting Drainville and the member for Gouin to the same party…Question #15Qui said : “The policy I’m missing”?

    Jean Charest

    Sugar Sammy

    Jean Charest
    In the framework of the congress of the Liberal Party, the ex-Prime minister of Quebec has admitted that the policy was lacking. Remains to know if it is mutual…Share your result on Facebook