Race to the leadership of the NDP: Guy Caron wins support

News 11 July, 2017
    Guy Caron

    Olivier Charbonneau

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 11:45

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 11:45

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    The only candidate in the quebec leadership of the NDP’s Guy Caron, has announced on Tuesday to have received the support of three influential members of the party. It is Rosane Doré Lefebvre, a former elected Quebec, Lorne Nystrom, former mp from Saskatchewan and co-chair of the youth wing Lia Storey-Gamble.

    Ruth Ellen Brosseau is always the one elected to publicly support Guy Caron. Two other ex-mp, Chris Charlton and Jean Crowder have also provided support at the beginning of the nomination race to a neo-democrat.

    These supports come to a few hours of debate in Saskatoon. This will be the first since the end of the nomination period and the resignation of Peter Julian. The other candidates in the running are Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton, and Jagmeet Singh.