Rachida Dati : “I offend them the most is that you think that I’ve slept with all the world” – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


One that doesn’t mince words is the subject of a long interview in the newspaper The World. It reveals its strengths, its weaknesses, its tensions and disappointments.

Close to Nicolas Sarkozy, the former keeper of the seals, Rachida Dati has always been an example of hard work. In France, it is the first political personality born of immigrant parents from the maghreb region to have exercised a function core duties to the government. It is also a female head, which has never moderated his comments, which earned him a number of scandals.

When asked by The World she said : “Even Sarkozy, it was said that we had slept together, but this is absurd ! I’m not his type. I patted on the back as a buddy of the regiment, and I called it “Jean-Claude Was” (a reference to the Tanned Patrice Leconte).

When, in 2009, she gives birth to her daughter Zohra, whose person does not know the identity of the father, the bodyguards of the president of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy panics : ” They have sent people into the clinics to know the father of my daughter. Sarkozy, himself, was very glad that I have a child, he didn’t care to know that… Not the other. At one point, they thought that it was like the emir of Qatar, or the Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, and they said : “We are going to take. “They are convinced that I’ve had some adventures, with dangerous men and that I was able to be maintained… “

The one who has not hidden be ready to do anything to succeed, has only one regret : “Ce I offend them the most, is that people will say that I’ve slept with everyone”.

Rachida Dati, Nicolas Sarkozy

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