“Rambo” Gauthier is leaving public life and politics… for the moment

News 19 December, 2017
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    Stephanie Gendron

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 08:25

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 15:14

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    The trade unionist who should present himself to the party of the Citizens to power in the next provincial election, announced that he was leaving political life and public life.

    Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier is put away for personal reasons and reasons of health, he announced in a video posted on Facebook.

    “This is all well and good to devote his life to others, but need to think about yourself also. The messages are pretty clear in life too, your body is talking to you and the people you speak too. My family is more important than many other things,” he says. “I burned the candle at both ends. I need to retrieve my private life,” he added.

    Bernard Gauthier will remove his two pages on Facebook on Friday, thus leaving time for people to comment on his decision by then. He adds that it is probably not a final decision. “My fight is not finished. The Côte-Nord region, the mobility provincial, it is really important to me. We will give a good boost to our region”, does it specify.

    He will remain party activist Citizens in power, because he believes that it is the best political party in Quebec. However, it is severe to Quebecers. “It sleeps in Quebec, people are nervous, people are afraid to try something else. We’re going to have you wake up”.


    Citizens in the power of attorney has not returned our messages, but the organization wrote on his page Facebook that it understood and respected the decision of Bernard Gauthier.

    Frank Malenfant, former co-spokesperson of the party, has refused to comment on the decision of “Rambo”. Bernard Gauthier was described to Malenfant as the “brain” of the organization before he permanently leaves the party in January.

    Malenfant had decided to disassociate itself from all comments that contravene certain values, including the fact that the newcomers also have the right to dignity and to the best chances of integration possible. Rambo Gauthier had said to All the world talks about being against mass immigration and that he preferred to help its loved ones, “his own child as a stranger”. Malenfant had, however, stated that this was not the fault of Bernard Gauthier if he would slam down the door. It spoke rather of “unexpected transformations within the party, under the political and media pressure” which had led, before him, to the departure of staff”.

    Lorraine Richard, member of the parti québecois Duplessis where Gauthier was present, refused to comment on the decision of Bernard Gauthier.