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Techno 3 April, 2018

2017-02-11 21:10

Rare lines and signs on hand palmistry
Signs on the hand in palmistry.

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1. Falling was the fear of a repetition of misfortunes.2. The line of corruption (the Curse) – indicates the presence of damage or ancestral curse. 3. A grain of rice (wheat) – specifies the full old age surrounded by loved ones. 4. Line divorce indicates a risk of divorce. A branch from the line of the family.

5. Grill on the hill of Venus – great anxiety and feelings. 6. Line the Samaritans indicate human kind and helpful, located to the mercy and care for the sick and infirm. 7. Line impact on the Destiny shows the interference or influence of another person to life. 8. The money triangle – the ability of a person to wealth. 9. January line – a danger to health. 10. Line of infidelity – the tendency to infidelity. 11. Venus belt – the amount of passion and emotion of the person.

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