Rationing of toilet paper in a residence for the elderly

News 7 August, 2017
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    Monday, 7 August 2017 16:01

    Monday, 7 August 2017 16:01

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    MONCTON – The rationing of toilet paper in a seniors residence, Moncton, New Brunswick sows dismay.

    In order to reduce costs, the management of the Manoir Notre-Dame has decided to limit the number of rolls distributed to two per week for each resident.

    Dianne Leger, whose mother pays about $ 2,400 in rent to live in this place, rose up against this directive.

    “It is a lack of respect, dignity and compassion,” she explained to CBC.

    In a letter sent last week, the leaders of the residence explained that the rationing of toilet paper was part of measures to limit the growth of its spending. Residents will be required to pay for their toilet paper additional just like the tissue paper which were provided free of charge.

    Ms. Leger has contacted the provincial authorities to complain, said CBC.

    The owner of the residence, Valmont Robichaud denies having wanted to impose a rationing and submits that the directive has been poorly understood. According to him, rather, it is to avoid the waste.