Raul Castro headed a torchlight procession in honor of the hero of Cuba Jose Marti : In the World : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

January 28, in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Havana to mark the anniversary of Jose Marti, the President of Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro, marched with torches, which was attended by students from various Universities.


From the mouth of the parties it was possible to hear various Patriotic slogans. The Terminus of the procession was the Malecon, where the festival was held in honor of the anniversary of the hero of Cuba.

The route of the Sunday procession was the same route in 1953, only then people opposed the dictatorship of Batista Folksy.

Jose Marti the Cuban people was a great person and respected person. He theorized and later demonstrated how to defend the honor of his native land. Died, the Cuban hero in battle with Spanish troops. In honor of this across the country you can see a wealth of monuments with his personality.