Razer Deathadder Elite: Our test of the essential brand

Techno 2 December, 2016

razer-melty-matosYou want to move to the next level with Razer? Discover our test Deathadder Elite.

The new mouse Deathadder the sweet name, well known devices aficionados, returns to talk about it at the end of the year. Indeed, with the arrival of the Elite declination of the Razer Deathadder which is probably the fastest mouse in the world , the American brand will hit hard by releasing the mouse model that will power many players enjoying the shape of the Deathadder, an inescapable mouse that has everything you ask of a field mouse gamer … finally in theory

A sensor with dynamite

With its optical Razer 5G that records up to 16,000 dots per inch (DPI) at a speed of 450 inches per second, the Elite Deathadder a really incredible and impeccable precision . It is obviously essential for gamers who play Overwatch type of FPS or Counter Strike which requires ever more precise movements. Moreover, the fact that the Elite is Deathadder cable allows 1000 Hz refresh rates without having to worry about a battery that would empty at unbelievable speed Tested on a Razer Gigantus which we appreciate the quality of manufacture and discretion, Deathadder Elite recognize problems without your movements and other accelerations.

Other news
Also new to emphasize is the fact that the Elite is equipped with mechanical buttons which in theory should optimize for these response times. In practical, we could not really feel a difference with other mice aimed at gamers. And of course like all Razer products now, the mouse comes with the Chroma feature that unifies the lighting of your Razer devices. In use and Overwatch for example, the mouse will change lighting and color depending on the character you choose, a dispensable option, but friendly in fact.

the BOFs
Mouse probably suit a large number of players is undeniable. But the big negative of this mouse for us is clearly its lack of buttons under the thumb! And indeed for players who like with lots of possible actions without having to move the fingers of the left hand of the WASD keys, Shift and Space 3 seems to be the union minium. They give you a concrete example and always in Overwatch, if you want to use the buttons on the Deathadder Elite 2 for your skills, there is more room for reloading, shot scrum and whatnot … But yet once, all this depends on your playing style.

In summary
The accuracy of this Deathadder Elite is surely what is best in terms of mouse right now . The materials are good, taking hands really nice, in short, this mouse did everything we asked him to time as mice. We just regret the issue of lack of extra buttons under the thumb that could make the perfect mouse. To recall, the Deathadder Elite is currently available on the official website of Razer to 79.99 euros. What do you think of the Razer Deathadder Elite?