Re-arrested naked in the street in Quebec city

News 13 December, 2017
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    In may 2014, Michel Béchard were quite a lot of talk about the United States.

    Nicolas Saillant

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 00:00

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 00:00

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    A resident of the island of Orleans, which was completely naked in front of the White House in Washington was arrested again for the same reasons, but this time on Sunday, in Quebec city.

    In may 2014, Michel Béchard were quite a lot of talk about the United States after being arrested so muscled by the secret service in front of the White House. The man had shown up on Pennsylvania Avenue and asked to speak to president Barack Obama.

    After, of course, deny access, Michel Béchard had removed all his clothes. During his arrest in front of several tourists, two officers had been slightly injured.

    Photo: Twitter/@SuzGamboa

    Michel Béchard had been arrested naked in front of the White House in 2014.


    However, the 59 year old man was again arrested for the same reasons, Sunday, at Quebec, on boulevard Charest. To 15 h, the man would be put naked in front of several witnesses who called the police.

    The arrest was made without difficulty and an ambulance was called on site to take care of Michel Béchard. The man, however, refused transport to the hospital, so that he was taken in custody.

    Accused Monday of being found naked in a public place, Béchard has also been accused of non-compliance of commitment. Even more, it turns out that the accused would have also stripped the 2 December last year, two times in July, always at the centre of the city of Quebec. During his appearance in court Monday, a request for the psychological evaluation has therefore been requested.

    Banned in Washington

    After you have been released in 2014, Michel Béchard was able to return to Quebec to eventually avoid the american prison within a wide perimeter surrounding the White House and not to live in Washington. At the time, Michel Béchard was rendered in the United States without notifying his family and without a clear motive.

    At the time of the arrest, the accused was a painter who worked with Brushes of gold, an organization providing art workshops to seniors living in CHSLDS. His colleagues were stunned by his arrest, describing him as a man without a history.