Realbotix announced the immediate availability of the robot-transgender in 2018 : In the World : Vladim

News 12 January, 2018

Thus, the world-renowned organization for the production of sex robots, intends to meet the growing demand for products that are intended for transgender people. This information was shared by Matt McMullen, occupying the post of head of the company.


According to the head of Realbotix, their new development will also get the artificial intelligence, which gives her the ability to speak, remember and most importantly to please his “master”. Special material makes the robots are incredibly similar to humans, with special composition, applied to the skin for sex bots, delet it warm as a person.

The novelty should act as a companion for people who have changed or plan to change gender. However, in view of the fact that designing a completely new robot will require large expenditures, the producers decided to compromise by adding a set of in Harmony, a sex robot for men detachable bionic penis.