Record of asylum seekers

News 28 March, 2018
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    About 20 000 people, mostly of haitian descent are fleeing the policies of Donald Trump, have crossed the border irregularly between Québec and the United States in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, in the last year.

    Camille Garnier

    Wednesday, 28 march, 2018 01:00

    Wednesday, 28 march, 2018 01:00

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    Canada has welcomed 50 000 asylum applicants last year, and the province of Quebec is the best placed to take advantage of the number of arrivals record, ” says the High Commissioner of refugees.

    “The isolated geographical location of Canada puts it more completely to the difference of the movements of population which are increasingly important “, says Jean-Nicolas Beuze, the representative of the High Commissioner united Nations for refugees in Canada.

    Photo Agence QMI, Toma Iczkovits

    Jean-Nicolas Beuze
    Representative of the High Commissioner

    If the number of asylum seekers in Canada has doubled between the years 2016 and 2017, this is due in part to the influx last summer, the last of haitian refugees from the United States.

    A particular episode and punctual, and should not necessarily find an equivalent in the next few months, according to Mr. Beuze.

    67 million

    “This year, we’re expecting 67 million people moved across the planet, another record,” he says. But we can never really know in advance which countries will turn to the people. It depends on many factors. “

    Among these factors, one can cite the ease of access and the benefits provided to asylum seekers by the various host countries.

    However, the potential flood of new asylum seekers should not worry about the Canada who has the means and the duty to accommodate, according to Mr Beuze.

    A chance

    “Fifty thousand people this may seem like a lot, but, in comparison, Germany has received 700 000 asylum applicants in 2016,” he recalls. Canada must continue to show solidarity of the international community. “

    Mr. Beuze even think that the arrival of refugees may be perceived as an opportunity by the nation.

    “Canada is a rich country that is aging and in need of manpower, he noted. The refugees that we welcome today will pay more in taxes than they have cost, by 10 to 15 years. “

    Quebec is in a good position

    If the reception of refugees represents an opportunity, as thinks Mr. Beuze, Quebec is the canadian province is best placed to benefit in the coming years.

    In fact, it has become in the last year the province has attracted more asylum seekers, 24 of 760, ahead of Ontario.

    “When we want to pass the border, it is not easy to do in Ontario, because there are a lot of lakes, nor in Manitoba, where there are no towns nearby,” says Mr. Beuze.

    He adds that Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle is only 45 minutes from Montreal.


    In search of a country

    Applications for asylum in Quebec :

    • 2014: 2700
    • 2015: 3010
    • 2016: 4705
    • 2017: 24 760

    In the world :

    • 65.6 Million people uprooted
    • 22.5 Million with the status of refugees

    Where are they greeted ?

    • 11 %: Asia and the Pacific
    • 16 %: the Americas
    • 17 %: Europe
    • 26 %: Middle East and North Africa
    • 30 %: Africa

    Sources : Government of Canada and High Commissioner of united Nations for refugees