Record temperatures of -49,8 registered in China

News 22 January, 2018
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    Monday, January 22, 2018 09:43

    Monday, January 22, 2018 09:52

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    Extremely cold temperatures were recorded Monday, Genhe, a city district located in the north of China, between Mongolia and Russia.

    He made -49,8 degrees Celsius, while a cold wave sweeping the area since few days, reports Reuters.

    The city of Genhe is considered to be in Asia as the “Pole of cold” of China.

    According to the local weather office, the average temperature is the lowest of the city of Genhe was below -45 degrees Celsius in the morning.

    The lowest temperature in urban area has reached -47 degrees Celsius, while minimum temperature record of -49,8 degrees Celsius was reported in the north of the township of Jinhe.

    Because of these extreme temperatures, few pedestrians were visible in the streets, and the vehicles were travelling slowly. It is so cold that the snow takes on the texture of the dust.

    Measures have been taken in the region to prepare the population to the cold. Heating units portable, in particular, were distributed.