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News 20 August, 2017
  • Photo courtesy, Archives of the City of Montreal, parks Service, VM105-Y-1_0027-003_141. Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

    Centre d’histoire de Montréal

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 18:46

    Saturday, 19 August, 2017 18:46

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    The vocation of the pool Rosemont

    We can guess the date of the construction of the swimming pool in Rosemont, 1949, with the bas-relief of art deco inspiration and modern art that adorn its facade. Most of the other pools, montreal neighborhood are older and date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to their showers, they were also public baths, at a time when many homes did not have running water let alone a bath ! The pool Rosemont is built more recently and with an intention to be slightly different. It is part of a municipal centre that supports the development of the New area-Rosemont. Public hygiene is still a concern of the authorities, but in the broader conception of well-being of the population. Inaugurated in 1951 by the popular mayor Camilien Houde in person, the centre also includes a library, a recreation services and a medical clinic close by. We begin, therefore, to go to the pool for fun, do sports and relax.

    The tradition is forgotten, galas aquatic

    Photo courtesy, Archives of the City of Montreal, parks Service, VM105-Y-2_60-038.

    The ice shows, such as those of the Ice Capades, are well known. But when was the last gala aquatic ? The guard of honour to form around the flags seems to be the highlight of the show which has the theme The United Nations and which brings together more than 125 participants, aged 10 to 20 years. These sporting events and the arts served to emphasize some of the special events or to close the seasons sports centres, municipal recreation. With backgrounds drawn and lights show, it featured skills competitions, swimming competitions as well as demonstrations of synchronized swimming, or numbers of clowning. A public endimanché assists of course at the gala and can thus discover the breadth of entertainment offered to the residents of the area… ” Say so, Raymond, do you think that they should include Nicole, the next fall ? “

    Swimming becomes more popular

    Photo courtesy Library and Archives nationales du Québec, Fonds Conrad Poirier, P48, S1, P9659

    Ah, the swimming lessons ! This memory wonderful — or terrible ! — early childhood… Here, the young Margaret Gorman listening carefully to the advice of his monitor. The Natatorium in Verdun, a beautiful July day in 1943, Leo Bélec teaches him the proper technique for the front crawl. The first few swimming lessons to be offered in a municipal swimming pool in montreal are given in 1931 at the bath Maisonneuve. This is to democratise the learning of water-based recreation, something previously reserved for classes more affluent who could afford a private trainer. Now, public services are provided for those who wish to learn what recreational sports for a small fee. In addition, given the high number of deaths by drowning, the canadian Red Cross is stepping up its efforts and offers as early as 1946, an industry-standard learning of swimming and water safety. This year, in Ontario alone, 447 monitors had handed over a badge for more than 3,300 students. And you ? Have you kept your badges ?