Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. GTA V: Who will win on the Online?

Techno 10 February, 2017

In the blue corner, the eternal GTA, master of the gangsta genre, and dad of the open world. In the red corner, Red Dead Redemption, cousin of the first, storytelling model and unforgettable memory of Gen PS360 … Round 1, Fight!
At the end of last October, Rockstar finally lifted the veil on one of the most anticipated sequences of the video game world . Big last stand on social networks, minimalist images and ads and teaser in stride: Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released end of 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One and will be a prequel to the first episode. The editor has therefore decided to put a santiag back into the high plains of the Far West, and the first images seem already to put full the mirettes. But since, not a cloud of smoke on the horizon. The speculation is going well, and the desperado who hopes to assault this iron horse of hypotheses does not seem to know yet to tie a colt to his belt. We will not feed in these columns the machine, so much the fantasies of the pistoleros in grass mix with the rumors of the plates. What will Red Dead Redemption 2 be ? The coming months will answer this question, let us keep our heads cool and our hands weighted. However, – because there is one here – it is on the side of the multiplayer that your devoted farmer wants to take you a moment …
What plans are being developed by Rockstar and Take-Two ? What treasure will the players get out of the meadow? At this point, it is important to emphasize some basic facts. Red Dead’s first name had a multiplayer mode . The name of Social Club will undoubtedly remind old westerners of good hours on the banks of the Rio Grande, hours marked by jousts, territories to be conquered and clans to integrate. Already it smelled of dust and old sleeves. Then came GTA V . GTA V and its records, GTA V and its mode multiplayer in stand alone: GTA Online . A real success if ever, who even managed to beat his record of players over last December , and to prance in the best sales of the year 2016, more than three years after its release.
The arrival of a new title as expected as RDR2 did of course not fail to trigger questions among the investors of Take-Two … “How? A new game is released while the last one continues to walk? But is not there a risk of self-competition? ” A legitimate question, to which Strauss Zelnick , current CEO of the box, was quick to respond, as VG24 / 7 points out: “I do not think there is any competitive dynamic between our next releases, except that our success will be guided by the quality of our future productions. And I think that the persistent success of GTA Online is also driven by its extraordinary quality . ”
Basically , “as long as our productions are good, there will be room for all” we would be tempted to understand. Zelnick did not stop there, moreover, theorizing in passing on its definition of the entertainment , and the difference between desires and needs , forgetting perhaps an incompressible given in his argument: time. A day keeps 24h, and it is not she who will extend, but the time of play that will be shared between several titles … An argument that ended with an unconditional enthusiasm and a lot of enthusiasm to ensure the full cardboard Announced the next Red Dead. Thus, after boasting the plastic of the game , Zelnick is thus “incredibly excited” by the online offer of RDR2 , which Rockstar will unveil in due course. If it’s a safe bet that the online multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2 will draw strongly from that of its cousin GTA, its specificities remain still very mysterious … What kind of multi would you get the sombrero?