Released details of the shooting at a restaurant in Central Moscow : Crime news : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

Journalists have found out some details about the shooting near the restaurant “Cruise” in the center of Moscow. It turned out that the showdown with gunshot wounds was preceded by a quarrel between the two.


At first, visitors just talked in a raised voice, then the fellowship turned into a fight and after a fight and smashing crockery. In the heat of an argument, one of the participants of the scandal went outside and went to his car. Came back with weapons. The gunman opened fire, but was not at his opponent, and the guard of the restaurant.

Rowdy, in addition, seriously injured people and caused significant damage to the institution, left the restaurant without paying the bill at 12,375 thousand rubles. To catch the malefactor in the city declared the plan “Interception”.