Released even if it has not changed

News 30 September, 2017
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    Mario Thouin.
    Fraudster freed

    Antoine Lacroix

    Friday, 29 September, 2017 22:35

    Friday, 29 September, 2017 22:35

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    A fraudster professional who targeted elderly women and vulnerable has just been released from office, even if his stay in prison did not permit him to evolve.

    “You are the same person that upon your arrival,” wrote the parole Board about Mario Thouin, in that it imposes many conditions ” are reasonable and necessary to protect the company “.

    The 66-year old man will not be able to get at least 1,000 meters of its victims nor communicate with them.

    It will also have to notify his supervising parole officer if he ever tries to attend another woman and make comprehensive reports on its financial situation.

    It will also be forbidden to Thouin to indulge in games of chance.

    Extortion and harassment

    Called ” a fraudster professional type narcissistic “, he had been serving since February 2013 a sentence of a little less than seven years for crimes of fraud, extortion, intimidation, criminal harassment, obstruction of justice and failure to comply with an order of probation.

    It has seduced and cheated five women from 61 to 73 years for close to $ 200,000, between January 2009 and February 2010.

    Thouin had a modus operandi well-established. He came in contact with his victims after they have placed an announcement stating that they were in search of a life companion.

    Pretending to be a rich man, he demanded a fee then their savings little by little. And it was convincing.

    One of his victims has drawn on his RRSP, borrowed money from relatives, used the money from the life insurance of his mother and requested cash advances on his credit card.

    Psychological trauma

    “You can take advantage of vulnerable people and abuse them, without regard to the consequences for these past […] The victims have experienced a traumatic psychological importance,” wrote in the decision.

    “Two offenders on three characteristics that are comparable to yours does not récidiveront not after their liberation,” said.

    Since it has no economy, the Commission indicates that Thouin, will have to work, ” including for the payment of debts for unpaid penalties “.