Renovate rather than fun

News 18 July, 2017
  • Francis Halin

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 06:30

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 06:30

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    The whims of mother Nature push Quebecers to take care of their home instead than going on vacation. At least that is the feelings of the hardware which can enjoy the summer with joy so business is good.

    “Bad weather, if it’s not raining too much, is far from being bad for business in hardware store and home improvement center,” observes Richard Darveau, president and chief executive officer of the quebec Association of hardware and building materials, representing more than 1000 dealers, distributors and manufacturers.

    For him, the conclusion is clear. “People say that it is not good enough to go on a holiday, then they renovate,” says-t it.

    A statement much different for the sellers of pools experiencing a decline in painful of their sales, but who systematically refuse to talk about it.


    A manager of a hardware store, large surface area, asking to remain anonymous has also been able to observe this reversal.

    “All that is BBQ, patio and camping is slightly down to date. People look to the painting and the furniture, ” he said.

    According to him, the holiday makers having $ 100 per week to spend on leisure feel obliged to spend this amount during their free time. “This is not catastrophic, I may have lost 1 % here and there,” he said.

    Quebecers are likely to continue to claim the tax credit RénoVert since the program has been extended until 31 march 2018. To this day, they are more than 200, 000 have benefited from this boost totalling close to$300 Million.