Replace the special constables, by officers jeopardize safety, according to the Union

News 5 February, 2018
  • Photo Le Journal de Montréal, Chantal Poirier

    Kathleen Frenette

    Monday, 5 February 2018 15:59

    Monday, 5 February 2018 16:12

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    The department of public Safety, creating a “sense of tranquility” more than a real protection by employing security agents to replace “the special constables, which are insufficient in number”.

    At least that is what says the head of the region Is the Union of the special constables, Patrick Melo, who has been heard on the first day of the trial that opposes the Union to the attorney general of Quebec.

    This finding, Mr. Melo has taken the full measure in October 2015, when he made the tour of the various palaces which he is responsible within the Union.

    “To Alma, the constable was very anxious and disillusioned because, despite requests, nothing changed. And the security agent who was working with him was really nice, but it was still 72 years”, the witness told the judge Jean-François Émond.

    In some palace of the Saguenay, correctional officers cannot be in charge of the prisoners “due to lack of space to do the search”. The constable must, therefore, handcuffing the individual and make it pass by outside to go to the lead in detention. “During this time, the palace is short”, he added.

    For him, the department of public Safety has a duty of protection, and currently, the latter is not filled.

    “The special constables are there to ensure the security in government buildings. A palace of justice, this is not for Expo Quebec! And this is not to disparage anyone, but a security officer, what are the eyes and ears. A constable, it is the eyes, ears and arms. It is because it has the power to do so, this is not the case with the security agents”, he added.

    With this approach, the trade Union of constables in hopes that the judge will compel the government to comply with the law and that he will no longer hire security officers to do the work of peace officers as special constables.

    According to the president of the Union Franck Perales, he would hire a fifty constables.

    Recall that last week, a special constable opened fire on a young man of 18 at the palace of justice in Maniwaki for that security officers unarmed watched the scene.

    Two days after this sad event, the government of Quebec has indicated that, in the future, it will require at least two special constables in all courthouses in Quebec.

    “It is a first step, but we want more guarantees”, said Mr. Perales in response to this new position.