Report incognito’s Log : a perfect illustration of the problems in the system, according to the ESF

News 27 January, 2018
  • Photo Le Journal de Québec, Simon Clark

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 27 January, 2018 20:59

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 21:05

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    The months of back-breaking past by a journalist from the Journal de Montréal in the daily life of a supply teacher in schools in quebec represents faithfully the situation of the quebec school system, according to the president of the Federation of trade unions of education, Josée Scalabrini.

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    “I think in a lot of lounges and kitchens this morning, in Quebec, there has been a lot of substitutes and teachers who have experienced a relief,” said Mrs. Scalabrini, Saturday, in an interview with LCN. Not a relief in connection with what we experience, but because someone outside came to confirm what it tries to make it clear to our governments over the past several years. “

    The journalist was reported to have had to make the discipline the majority of the time, rather than teaching pure and hard. According to Ms. Scalabrini, it is a relatively new phenomenon.

    “What she described, it is the result of societal choices that have been made, but which have not been supported by the government,” she said, referring to the mass integration of students in difficulty, and sending the best students to classes with specific projects.

    The president of the Federation, however, refuses to put the blame on the backs of students.

    “The problem is not in the pupil, it is in the working conditions that we have data and the lack of services to help these students “, she says.

    This lack of resources is, according to her, among the teaching staff, the exhaustion, the violence and unacceptable situations.

    To become a substitute, it only needs a bachelor’s degree. Considering the lack of training, they should ensure that alternates have the support needed to accomplish their task.

    “They should be accompanied and assisted in these situations, believes Ms. Scalabrini. The biggest help we could provide is to have the classes more balanced. Currently, our system does not allow those classes. “

    To improve the system, ” we need a global vision in education “, she advocates.

    “We could sit together, instead of going to find recipes that miracles everywhere, and back on the field, listen to the teachers and solve them together?” asked she.

    The president of the Federation of trade unions of education are also asked to “stop doing politics” in this approach.