Requirements of the model superclinique: “It is not possible to recruit”

News 21 December, 2017
  • Photo Jean-François Racine
    The doctors of the medical Centre Beauport would like to be able to welcome new colleagues to avoid a closure.

    Jean-François Racine

    Thursday, December 21 2017 00:00

    Thursday, December 21 2017 00:00

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    At least five family physicians from the medical Centre Beauport predict the disappearance of the ” medical neighborhood “, because of the model of superclinique the minister Gaétan Barrette, but also to the inability of their team to recruit new colleagues.

    “It is impossible to recruit. We are a clinical area which has been there since 1977. Next year, maybe we’ll lose two doctors. The department does not manage well the small family medicine groups (GMF). With the exception of the large structures, everything that is around is in danger of disappearing, ” said Dr. Nile Lefrançois, 71 years of age.

    According to the doctor, who has 45 years of practice, all of the other clinics that are similar are in the same situation.


    Also, the medical Center of Charlesbourg was closed a few weeks ago his service without an appointment due to a lack of doctors. At Beauport, seven physicians offer 68 hours of service per week, with an opening 363 days a year and without an appointment from 8 h to 20 h. In 2015, their clinic was even one of the best performing, according to the ministry.

    “Dr. Barrette decide to put the pressure on doctors to increase productivity, it will. But it is a specialist who is accustomed to the large structures of the hospital level. The first line, I’m not sure he knows it, ” says Dr. Lefrançois.

    Face a situation that grieves, the latter speaks of a collective approach on the part of his team. “We feel abandoned. It has never support. The GMF were ideal for providing services to the population in its environment. We must be the solution, and it happens to a minister who wants to make supercliniques. “

    Of interest

    For his part, Dr. Jerome Croteau, 29 years old, is the youngest doctor of the group. Despite three or four decades younger than his colleagues, he would like to pursue his career in his current home.

    “Recruitment is really difficult. The positions are given in the supercliniques. I am very happy to be here. There is a closeness of services to the elderly clients in the area. It is difficult for them to move. “

    Reacting to the criticisms, the minister Gaétan Barrette has mentioned it a few weeks ago that he could not guarantee recruitment. “There is a limit to what I can do,” he started. “It is false, totally false ! He promotes what he wants to create, ” retorted Dr. Lefrançois.

    What they said:

    “The GMF, it was a good formula that he needed to improve, but it looks like they have taken a different direction, a new flavor. “

    — Dr. Louise Martin, 40 years of medical practice.

    “We failed to recruit last year. Someone was interested in coming here, to do just our practice. Everyone was supportive, but he has not got the job, and he went to Trois-Rivières “

    — Dr. Diane St-Aubin, 30 years of medical practice.

    “I don’t want to talk against the fellow of my age, but very few will take 3000 patients because the needs have changed. If one wants to act, it is right away. “

    — Dr. Jerome Croteau

    “I met four times with the deputy minister. I asked to have a discussion nose to nose with the Dr Module. I’ll put him on what is the medicine district. “

    — Dr. Nile Lefrançois, 45 years of medical practice.