Resident Evil 7: The content of DLC in the magnifying glass

Techno 1 February, 2017

Hardly a week after the release of Resident Evil 7, Capcom returns the cover. Happy owners of the Season Pass, the first unreleased solo contents invite you back to the Baker family!
‘Banned Videos Vol.1’ and ‘Vol.2’ , episodes ‘Nightmare’ , ‘The House’ , ‘Ethan must die’ , ‘Not a Hero’ … difficult to navigate additional content for solo Resident Evil 7 . But that thus contain the DLC and Season Pass RE7 ? Exclusive episodes, game modes, new characters, release dates and awards … La Rédac has taken stock and unveils the four extensions of the latest addition to the Resident Evil saga. Note in passing that the first two packs will be arranged first on PlayStation 4 before a February 21 release on Xbox One and PC . These contents will be accessible to the owners of the Deluxe Edition and the Season Pass . For others, it will of course take out his wallet …
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The first DLC is also available since yesterday on PS4 for the price of 9.99 € . It includes two new episodes: Nightmare and The Chamber . And a new game mode Nightmare puts you in control of Clancy, the camera preview in the demo Beginning Hour and in a flashback of the game (through k7 video) . In this episode, your mission is to make weapons and craft ammunition to repel waves of enemies and survive until dawn. A sort of Horde scripted. The second episode, called The House , also illuminates a little more player on the fate of Clancy cameraman. You will be required, as in a room escape, to succeed in leaving a room of the mansion of Marguerite Baker while prowling around … Finally, Ethan must die , is a new game mode especially difficult for some replayability. This game mode is however not compatible with VR .
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Later in the month, and on February 14 for owners of PS4 , a second pack will be released on your consoles and PC for € 14.99. Videos Banned Vol.2 include him as two episodes and a way of unpublished play. In Episode Twenty-an , you will again face the son of the Baker family, Lucas in a deadly play. More ambitious episode Sisters return to the past of the Baker family. The extra mode once again, do not take into account the VR . Christened 55th Anniversary of Jack , the new mode will be mated a test where you have to spin treats to Father Baker.
And after ?
A third mysterious episode will finally complete this collection of additional pack . The latter will soon be announced by the publisher. Meanwhile these revelations, however, know that a new episode called Not a Hero will be offered next spring him to all players with Resident Evil 7 . This adventure will take the form of a brand new script on the sidelines of the main game’s story. Half a surprise to all those who have already completed RE7 , since this episode was announced in the end credits of the game. According to rumors, it would put you in command of an iconic character in the saga … What new episode you have More want to test?