Resident Evil 7: The most difficult game of the franchise?

Techno 9 January, 2017

According to Hajime Horiuchi, the game was made more difficult intentionally to focus on the fear that it wants to arouse players during the game.
Resident Evil 7, the difficulty will adapt to the performance of the gamer , will still be more difficult than previous games. In any case what was said Hajime Horiuchi , head of Capcom, our colleagues from the official Xbox magazine . ” The challenge will be slightly higher than in previous games, and it’s completely intentional ” he has mentioned. He continues: ” Instead, we wanted to focus on the aspect of fear We were concerned that if the game is too easy and that these encounters with enemies were not a very big problem, so the players feel. not this tension, this anxiety that the game will generate . ”

That is the kind of thing that could frighten you, in addition to a higher difficulty

He concluded: ” We wanted to be sure that even if you are in a combat situation to one against one, the enemy that confronts you is capable of killing you .” A more challenging game for a sense of fear over this … A good idea that, with the right mix, will make Resident Evil 7 one the scariest album of the year. Those who have tested the demo version on console or VR confirm maybe … To recap, the horror game released at the end of the month, January 24th more precisely. There are several days, writing you spoke of Resident Evil 7 and wondering how to unlock the secrets of the demo (video) . Will you rub this new opus?