Resident Evil VII: We tested RE7 in VR

Techno 27 January, 2017

As with the playable demos, we were able to try the final version of Resident Evil VII with our friends of Gaming Cream. Hot back on a very creepy experience with a VR headset on the head!
Resident Evil VII is a real success , as we have seen in our test . Abandoning the exhilarating action side and a little wobbly to refocus on a good scary experience as the origins of the saga, this new installment in the horror game Capcom made fly. View in the first person, fully compatible with the VR helmet of the PlayStation 4, atmosphere calibrated inspired films of psychopaths rednecks kind Chainsaw Massacre and achievement felt good, the game has reserved moments at the editorial Gaming melty and To our friends of Gaming Cream! The proof in video !
For nearly an hour our courageous adventurers advanced in the Manoir des Baker, the distinguished guests of this RE7. A journey marked by jumpscares in series and a sense of permanent anguish beyond the first demos already tested before … Wood crackles, tension builds, and one never knows what’s behind the doors of the aged shabby doors Which one pushes with caution. The game reconnects with its history, and the fans will soon find themselves in known terrain. Grass green, shotgun, raven key, perpetual lack of ammunition … You are good in Resident Evil , but an innovative episode to the ambiance and unique bestiary! Resident Evil VII was released last January 24 on PS4, Xbox One and PC . Have you been able to try Resident Evil VII?