Residents of Maine chipped in to the new pony penis In the World : Vladim

News 17 January, 2018

Very touching and at the same time funny situation happened in Maine, where the locals managed to help the little pony save your penis, donating enough money.


Veterinarians have found a pony named Richard a tumor, the removal of which would cost its owner a significant money. A malignancy medical experts found his penis, in connection with which the animal required emergency surgery. Surgical intervention is estimated at 3 thousand dollars, however, such funds from the owner Richard is simply not there.


Learning about such a difficult situation, residents of the state have decided to donate the desired amount to give a chance for a happy life for touching idol of the public. As a result of the necessary 3 thousand dollars managed to collect even more, as the friendly residents of Maine have donated as much as 4 thousands, which helped to save an animal his “Little Richard”.