Responses required prior to the five years of the tragedy

News 22 January, 2018
  • Photo By Pascal Huot
    In the absence of a change in the path of the train, it is the economic growth of the city and the process of healing of citizens who are in the game, believes Julie Morin.

    Dominique Lelièvre

    Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

    Monday, 22 January 2018 00:00

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    LAC-MÉGANTIC | The mayor of Lac-Mégantic wants to confirm before the five years of the tragedy that the rails will be driven out of the city centre. A message that she brought directly to the offices of the premiers Couillard and pierre Trudeau in the wake of the verdict released on Friday.

    Julie Morin admits to having attempted to communicate directly with the two prime ministers “as soon as the verdict is out,” when was paid to the three employees who took care of the train murderer of July 2013.

    “There is evidence that these are not human error [that led to the tragedy]. This is not just men who have lacked judgment, it is the system that is sick “, she says in an interview with The Newspaper.

    “There is a real danger [that another derailment will happen],” says the one who was elected in November. However, the proposed bypass route has been treading water, even if it is in the air since the accident, says Julie Morin.

    “What am I tanned a little, it is to see the provincial who throws the ball at the federal level, and the federal government that the spear at the provincial level. I want to make sure I speak to all of these people here to tell them that by the 5th July next, we have expectations, we make the requests clear and the ball is in your camp “, states she.

    Julie Morin said he received a call from the prime minister Philippe Couillard, Saturday, while he was in China for an economic mission. “I really feel for the opening,” she says.

    Commemorative space

    Another project that will occupy the mayor this year, the idea of a memorial to the memory of the 47 victims of the accident progresses. “The Space of memory” should see the light of day on the site of the old Musi-Café, where we deplored the largest number of deaths. Public consultations have already taken place, and a committee of citizens board now on the issue.

    “There are people who would like to do something huge, and others who want to be sober, then he must go gently “, says Julie Morin. Sketches may be offered to the citizens this summer.

    Lac-Mégantic also reflects on the possibility of putting in value of the artifacts that she has kept the tragedy in the train station which currently serves as offices.

    “It’s embryonic, but it was thought that this may be what you need to do, because at the moment, the tourists […] want information and are the citizens who are always taken in order to give it, repeat it, and this is not easy,” says Ms. Morin.