Retouching in Paint: an American Family received a shocking photo shoot : In the World : Vladim

News 14 January, 2018

Family Sharing from Missouri, USA, booked a photo shoot for which she paid 250 dollars. Results expensive shooting shocked the whole Internet community.


Family living in the United States, posted on the social network Facebook, the result of his latest photoshoot, which shocked all users of the Internet. Story interested the local media. Although the photographer who was hired Sarangi to be a professional in the business, his work became so popular in the social network and gained more than 300 000 views, not because of professionalism. Photos were retouched in Paint – master is so sought to make their work flawless, and did not notice that crossed the line – members of the family in the photo has changed beyond recognition.
The family did not despair, from their pictures they got only positive emotions.