Rex Tillerson to Ottawa on the background of the north Korean crisis

News 19 December, 2017
  • AFP

    QMI agency

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:51

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:54

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    OTTAWA | The us secretary of State Rex Tillerson has landed in Ottawa, Tuesday afternoon, for an appointment to diplomatic background of the north Korean crisis.

    In the framework of his first official visit to Canada, the head of american diplomacy will participate in the afternoon a bilateral meeting with the minister of foreign Affairs asked by chrystia Freeland.

    The u.s. State department confirmed Monday that the nuclear threat posed by North Korea would be “one of the topics of discussion major” between the two counterparts.

    Upcoming summit

    The United States and Canada must hold in January, in Vancouver, British Columbia, a summit to discuss the ballistic tests of the communist regime. The leaders of the foreign affairs of several countries, including South Korea and Japan, should take part to determine “how it is possible to respond to this threat to world peace,” said a u.s. representative on Monday.

    The regime of Kim Jong-A was tested at the end of November a new intercontinental ballistic missile that, according to Pyongyang, met “all of the american continent” in its scope.

    After the shooting, the minister Freeland had indicated that they had taken steps to accommodate its counterparts in a dozen countries, including, if possible, China, to discuss the file.

    Meeting with Justin Trudeau

    The renegotiation of the free trade Agreement the north american and the military situation tense in the east of Ukraine will also feature on the menu of discussions between Mrs. Freeland and his us counterpart Tuesday, as the security of the border.

    At the end of this meeting, Rex Tillerson will speak at the Parliament with the ministerial committee in charge of canada-u.s. relations. Asked by chrystia Freeland and it will hold later a joint press conference in Parliament.

    It was not until the end of the day, to 18 h, as the special envoy of the president, Donald Trump will take part in a head-to-head with the prime minister Justin Trudeau, before leaving for Washington.