Risk of re-offending for a collusionnaire

News 8 December, 2017
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    Louis Farley was part of the 37 people arrested in the operation Honor conducted by UPAC. He pleaded guilty this summer to fraud, conspiracy and corruption.

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    Thursday, December 7, 2017 19:33

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 19:33

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    The chief of the investigations of the receiver of the Order of engineers does not rule out a risk of recidivism for an ex-v.-p. of the engineering firm CIMA+ is involved in the collusion system in Laval and Saint-Jérôme.

    Louis Farley was directing the operations of CIMA+ in Saint-Jérôme, between 2002 and 2008, and then to Laval in 2008 and 2009. Among others, it is with him that communicated the directions of the engineering services of the two Cities to operate the illegal sharing of public contracts.

    Mr. Farley has also authorized his company to make the false invoicing to pay by cash discount of 2 % required by the party of the ex-mayor of Laval, Gilles Vaillancourt.

    Possible radiation

    The engineer was convicted in July of criminal a sentence of two years less a day to be served in the community, risk is now a write-off of 20 months of its Order, as well as a fine of $25,000.

    Even if he agrees with the recommendation of sanction, the head of investigations of the syndic of the Order, Bernard Pelletier, is not certain of the will of Mr. Farley no longer reproduce its evil practices.

    “I think that [his sentence at the criminal] has given him a lesson, but I can not say beyond any doubt that it’ll be back not because he did not want to meet me,” says Mr. Pelletier.

    Mr. Farley had already been removed temporarily by his order between July 2015 and march 2016 for refusing to cooperate in the investigation of the trustee.

    Mr. Pelletier, however, says to have had a few exchanges with Mr. Farley, but in the course of these, he claims not to have heard the word “regret” and not have to feel repentance on his part.

    Refusal justified

    For the lawyer, the engineer, Jean-Claude Dubé, the refusal of his client to talk to the trustee was justified since he was also in a criminal prosecution.

    “We know that the investigators of the professional orders to speak with the police investigators. It is for this reason that Mr Farley did not want to answer the questions of the order “, provides Me Dubé.

    According to the lawyer, the guilty plea of his client proves its good faith. “When a man admits his wrongs, it was not dealing with a repeat offender,” he said.

    Me Dubé has also insisted on “the professional future marred” Mr Farley, who wishes to remain a member of the Order of engineers. “It will be very difficult for him to become vice-president of a major engineering firm,” insists Me Dubé.

    Mr. Farley did not want to answer our questions.

    Who is Louis Farley ?

    ♦ The engineer is responsible for major projects of CIMA+ in Saint-Jérôme from 2002 to 2008, and then to Laval in 2008 to 2009.

    ♦ In 2013, he was arrested by the UPAC, at the same time that the ex-mayor Vaillancourt and businessman Tony Accurso.

    ♦ He left CIMA+ in 2014 with 1.55 M$, but requires a further$ 2.7 Million more for the repurchase of its units.

    ♦ In 2015, it gives a building value of 1.26 Million dollars to a trust of which he and his wife are beneficiaries.

    ♦ In 2016, he asked in vain for the cessation of proceedings against him by reason of the delay of justice.