Road work: no money for the 19 and the 13

News 12 March, 2018
  • Photo courtesy, Dave Parent

    Yves St-Denis, member of parliament for Argenteuil, Christine St-Pierre, minister responsible for the Laurentians region, and André Fortin, Minister of Transport, sustainable Mobility and the Electrification of transport

    Dave Parent

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 16:06

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 16:06

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    SAINTE-ADELE – Quebec announces an investment of$ 149 Million on the road network of the Laurentians, but nothing that will help in the short term to counteract the problems of traffic on the crown north to the great discouragement of the mayors of the region.

    “I’m still hungry, we stayed on our appetite. We live in hope for the past 20 years, we continue to live with hope is just that one can be put in the tooth “, has launched the mayor of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Guy Charbonneau immediately after the press conference of the minister of transport André Fortin, who stood in a ramp in the rehabilitation of highway 15 to Sainte-Adèle.

    “For us in the Lower Laurentians there is not much else. It is a little disappointed, certainly, ” adds the mayor of Blainville is Richard Perreault.

    No major work

    Quebec provides for the repaving on secondary roads, the reconstruction or rehabilitation of some bridges in the north of Saint-Jérôme and the redevelopment of the troublesome intersections, but no large-scale construction site has not been announced.

    Nothing for the completion of autoroute 19, or for the extension of highway 13. Anything for the hov lanes on highway 15. These projects were identified as priorities by all of the mayors of the North Shore.

    An old refrain

    “Projects such as the autoroute des Laurentides and 19 are projects that are registered in the québec infrastructures plan, it is not necessarily the object of the ads in regional programming as it is today,” says Mr. Fortin.

    The minister even suggests that the completion of the 19 is a priority and that an announcement is imminent. A speech that the mayors have repeatedly heard.


    “I believe it when I see him, since the 19 we talk about it for a long time and the extension is not yet done. (…) It has always been wishful thinking, it has always been promises that have never given anything, ” said Eric Westram, mayor of Rosemère.

    “It’s been many time it is discussed, it is time to take action,” says Denis Martin, mayor of deux-Montagnes.

    Lanes, not immediately

    For exclusive lanes for transit on highway 15, the minister considers that it is not necessary to jump from step.

    “If you do not do necessary repairs on the pont Gédéon-Ouimet (bridge that crosses the rivière des Mille-Îles), the hov lanes on the 15 will not be as effective as they could be. The project is important to me to make a move on the 15 is the one of the bridge “, explained the minister.

    With respect to the extension of highway 13 to the north, the minister has admitted that he was not in the plans of the government in the short term.


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