Robert Durst reportedly confessed to the murder of Susan Berman

The rich Robert Durst, accused of the murder of his friend Susan Berman in 2000, confided to be the author to a relative come to testify Thursday in an audience in Los Angeles.

Nathan Chavin, a long-time friend of the accused, told the Los Angeles court on Thursday that when he asked the heir to a large New York estate if he had killed Susan Berman, Of the accused, the eccentric Durst would have replied that he had “had no choice”.

“I was obliged. It was she or me, “he would also have assured Mr. Chavin.

According to Mr. Chavin, the conversation took place in 2014 at a dinner where Mr. Durst reportedly wanted to discuss Ms. Berman and her first wife, Kathleen, whose disappearance in 1982 was never Elucidated.

“He was one of my best friends who confessed to killing another of my close friends,” he told the judge.

Chavin says he then questioned Mr. Durst about his missing wife – a case in which he is also suspected – but did not receive a reply.

Brimstone Robert Durst was indicted in November for the murder of M me Berman, he denies committing.

Chavin’s identity was kept secret until Thursday’s hearing for fear of his safety – Mrs. Berman had been killed on the eve of being heard by the police on the disappearance of Kathleen Durst.

This framework in advertising also claimed on Thursday that Susan Berman told him that Durst had confessed to him that he had killed Kathleen, who wanted to divorce.

The sulphurous heir-who has been a travesty of a woman for a while and who has already confessed to the murder of a neighbor when he took refuge in Texas-was arrested in March 2015 on the eve of the last episode of ‘A six-part biographical documentary, broadcast by HBO, The Jinx , a series that has revived public interest in the case .

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In another hearing Wednesday, Chavin also said that Durath’s ex-wife, Kathleen, was “afraid of him.”

In The Jinx , Durst seemed to make an involuntary confession, whispering to himself while he was in the bathroom and that his wireless microphone was not turned off: “What have I done? I killed them all, of course. ”

In a meeting with prosecutors following his arrest, Durst said he was “on methamphetamine” while filming the documentary, and added that he could agree to an amicable agreement on the charges Of murder.

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