Roger Federer: “I had the physical advantage”

Roger Federer confessed after his victory against Stan Wawrinka in the final at Indian Wells that he was probably cooler physically than his opponent.

“What explains your success in this final?
I think I had the physical advantage. Stan had fought hard in the previous rounds and he had to be mentally satisfied to be in the final. I was with the good ” fire. ” I did not have to change my game. Sometimes we have to adapt before a half or a final. That was not the case in this tournament. It was the same thing all the time, from the first round to the end. It made things simpler.

Wawrinka seemed moved after his defeat …
It’s beautiful to see, in a way. He was touched by his good tournament and sad of the defeat in the final. People like to see this, see the players who like to do well and show their emotions. J ‘ Tried to put him at ease laughing, so that he forgot all that. It worked !

Federer takes the Australian Open-Indian Wells

Wawrinka: “He had an answer to everything”
It’s crazy what is
happening for you at the beginning of the year … Completely. I’m not as surprised as my victory in Australia, but surprised anyway. I could have been 35th in the world if things went wrong in Australia and I’m 6th. It takes a lot of pressure out of me. Before my return, we had set a goal of being in the eight for Wimbledon. It may sound funny now. But it is not that simple ! The way I beat players like Nadal or Wawrinka, it’s still a big surprise.

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Is not the chain with Miami likely to be difficult?
I’ll take a few days off (smiles). The absolute priority is rest. I know how hard it is to win these two tournaments in a row. I ‘ I do not have the goal to win, even if everyone expects me to win. I know the danger of the first laps in Masters 1000. ”

F.Ra., in Indian Wells

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