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Techno 4 April, 2018

2018-04-04 13:41

Rover Sapd e 3 fixed base aliens on the moon
Interplanetary station from China called Sapd e 3 recorded on the moon new amazing pictures.

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Ufologists stated that the information received warrants the conclusion that the moon really has a base of aliens, reports Rus.Media.

Conspiracy theorists not for the first time talked about the existence of alien life on the moon. Previously, they claimed that the satellites have found some suspicious objects on the surface of the moon, for example, UFOs or mysterious buildings. After studying the photos the surface of the moon, made a lunar probe Sapd e 3, Scottish ufologist George Graham found that on the territory of the satellite are alien objects that can represent a whole database of humanoids.

According to the NASA study, conducted in 1962, the internal surface of the moon is thinner than its outer side. Therefore, some ufologists believe that the Moon is not a satellite of the Earth, and created by aliens to control people.

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