Rudy Gobert and Utah expect “to be stung”

Sport 3 January, 2017

Rudy Gobert was pleased with Utah Jazz’s victory in Brooklyn (101-89) but admitted that his team, led by nine points in the second period, sometimes struggled to get into his matches.

“Your coach, Quin Snyder, said you did not play very well despite the victory. What do you think ?
He’s right because we do not play four full-time quarters. We start on the end of the game and if we do that every time, there are inevitably matches we will leave. We’re waiting to be stung to react. It happens more often against lower ranked teams. We start a little soft then suddenly you wake up and say: “Oh thin, if we make the idiots, we will lose this match” . And then we leave.

The good side is that this season, you know how to tip the tight end of the game in your favor.
Of course we have confidence in the end of matches. We know how to set out in the fourth quarter as soon as it is necessary. We become more physical, we are more concentrated and we find ways to win. That’s what good teams need to do.

“I have to think about shooting”
You delivered a big duel in front of Brook Lopez, limited to only 14 points while it is a focal point of the Brooklyn attack.
It is a great player so I had to use me especially it takes now to three points ( 1/6 Tuesday ). It was a tough duel but I tried to limit it, to have rebounds and to find open positions.

Face to face, we saw you make a very nice movement while avoidance to finish under the basket. Is this what’s new with you?
It is clear that I would not have put it last year. There would surely have had to walk or so it was not a and one (basket plus foul) . I am stronger on my legs and also more confident. There is a bit of everything, aggressiveness in the head. Now I have to be able to take the shoots. It’s mental, I think more driver (attacking the basket) rather than shoot while I work on my shot every day. I have to think to shoot, that’s what will enable me to reach the ” next level” as they say. ”