Rules of conduct in a shopping center fire

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 17:38

Rules of conduct in a shopping center fire
Instruction in the event of a dangerous situation.

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You see and hear:

  • system triggered alert;
  • see smoke, flame;
  • smell fumes and smoke;
  • see evacueaza people;
  • hear information from witnesses.

What to do:

1. Look and install started to panic.

2. If panic yet:

  • quickly exit the building closest KNOWN and PROVEN You exit (Central exit of the Mall, exit through the Parking lot);
  • try to leave the building For a massive evacuation of people (you have about 5-10 minutes after the first signs of a fire);
  • NEVER use elevators (obviously);
  • It is BETTER NOT to USE the stairwells, EVEN EVACUATION. (In most cases, access to the street is locked and You are trapped, after a while there will still rush the flow of people and start a stampede, especially since the stairwell quickly filled with the poisonous products of burning, the chance to get out of it will not);

3. If the panic has begun:

  • you’re a healthy adult man and you are one, go boldly to the main exit of the shopping center together with all (do NOT use the stairwells until you are sure that they are open);
  • in all other cases, do NOT NEVER;
  • depart on any available space away from General traffic;
  • watch the flow of people, evacueaza on the landings.
  • if a large number of people were able to go inside and at the ENTRANCE on the stairs NO TUBE, then they are open to follow people.
  • if there is tube, so inside the crush and the gate is closed.
  • Note the exits into the Parking area (!)

Parking is another fire compartment and evacuation exits from it and exits for cars lead directly outside and not related to the superstructure of the building. The car in this case it is better not to use it, go gently on the sidewalk.

At the very least, if not one option you not suitable, go to the toilet.

Be SURE the door handle at the entrance to the bathroom, leave any clothing (jacket, hat, boots). It is a SIGNAL to firefighters that there are people there. Open water in the sinks. Wet all the clothes and any loose things. The wet stuff put the big door. The main thing – to plug all the cracks of the doors. Constantly rinse things with water. Wait for the fire Department.


Window – the most extreme road to salvation. Of course, if it not on the ground floor, without playing and easy to open. To use the window as an exit makes sense if:

  • You are not above the third floor of a building with ceiling height up to 3 meters, that is in the shopping center You are above the SECOND FLOOR (as per state norms).
  • It is seen that to open the window is possible (there are handles or is ordinary glass).
  • Jump from a height more than 5 m are very dangerous, but up to 9 m You will probably damage the feet, but will remain alive. Higher chances of a successful jump no.

Together with the likelihood that You get caught on a stretched matter, if You are above 9 m almost there… and the matter should be special and people are prepared and, most importantly, jump on stretched canvas need rescue flat on the back in the jump soldier on matter even a special cloth will not help You.

How to use window

Meaning to jump from a third floor window (second TC) is, if You’re a grown, healthy man. With high probability we can break a leg, but to stay alive.

Children, the elderly, pregnant women to such a jump is not ready. It is impossible to help them to jump. This fall, they will not survive. If You are going to jump out, it is best to shorten the distance to the ground and hang on the slope before jumping on outstretched arms, legs to keep napsano and try after the collision with the ground fell on its side.

If You under the airbox, move so that the trajectory with him do not intersect.

How to use the window if You are above the third floor (second in the shopping center):

The maximum that can be done in the presence of a wide window jamb is to take him outside and wait for help. In itself it isn’t safe, but NS can save You from carbon monoxide poisoning.

If the room is heavily filled with smoke and there is nowhere to retreat, and the slope outside the back of the very narrow pop out of the window as possible.

Don’T OPEN the window, if the room where You are, without that you can breathe. Open window triggers cravings and most likely Your location quickly filled with smoke and combustion products. As to the place of public hotspots flame runs faster.