Russian submersibles photographed the area of search for the Argentine submarine “San Juan”

News 6 December, 2017

Russian submarine “Panther Plus” was launched into the water in the search area for the missing Argentine submarine “San Juan”. The device has been made a few shots.


It is worth Recalling, a submarine of the Navy of Argentina “San Juan” has ceased to leave on communication 15 Nov. On Board were 40 people, including the first ever female submariners. After a while it became clear that to save people people will fail, however, the search for the submarine continued.

Thus, the Russian submarine “Panther Plus” at a depth of 400 metres unidentified object found, which may be the submarine “San Juan”. The device has been made a few photos. After studying photographs, the experts came to the conclusion that this is indeed desired, the Argentine submarine.

Besides, the operation are going to connect the Oceanographic research vessel “Yantar” of the Russian Navy. It should arrive to the shores of Argentina in early December.