Russian tourist in Thailand fell off the balcony and blamed rapists In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

Thai police denies the information that Russian tourist raped in new year’s eve. After examination at a medical facility doctors have called the cause of injury fall from height.


28-year-old citizen of Russia arrived on holiday in Thailand with his mother. The woman went to a party where alcoholic drinks. After that, she returned to her hotel room, and then decided to continue the fun. Mother forbade the woman to leave the room, then the lady wanted to use the balcony in order to get away from his annoying relatives. When the lady came down from the height to the ground, she slipped and fell to the surface. The Russian injured his back and limbs. A lady came to the clinic, as she experienced unbearable pain.

A lady asked his friend to seek assistance from the tourist police as it allegedly was raped. After the survey, this information was not confirmed. The police say that she has independently written statement to the police, no friend in the office didn’t come. The investigation into the incident continues.