Saguenay: a walk in the woods turns to tragedy

News 28 August, 2017
  • Sonia Lavoie

    Monday, 28 August, 2017 08:16

    Monday, 28 August, 2017 08:16

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    SAGUENAY – the father of A family of 37 year-old reportedly died after having been stung by wasps on Friday.

    The paramedics explain that the man was with his wife and three children, Friday, in the area of Shipshaw, when he would have been stung several times.

    He would have instantly felt a great unease and the family had decided to turn back.

    On the way back, the man would have made a cardio-respiratory arrest.

    Many of the maneuvers of resuscitation have been performed on the site of the accident to the hospital, but the father of the family died, the next day, Saturday.