Saint-Adolphe loses another round for the Hydro line

News 23 August, 2017
  • Archival Photo CHANTAL POIRIER
    Lisette Lapointe, Mayor

    Jean-François Cloutier

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:51

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:51

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    The liberal minister of Energy and natural Resources, Pierre Arcand, is supporting Hydro-Québec in the battle against the mayor of Saint-Adolphe-d Howard in a controversial power line “disfiguring” the landscape.

    The minister has published a declaration on Tuesday, where he gives reason to Hydro with respect to the proposed line 120-kV Grand-Brûlé derivation Saint-Sauveur, which has to start at the end of the summer.

    This line of 42.5 km, which runs along St. Adolphe for about ten kilometers, was built to meet the increased energy demand in the High-Laurentians, including Mont-Tremblant.

    Hydro said this summer does not want to look at an alternative scenario, landfill part of the electric wires developed by the municipality of Saint-Adolphe.

    “It appears that the scenarios put forward by the municipality have visual impacts, technical and environmental important,” said minister Arcand.

    Too expensive

    “The scenarios that the underground proposed by the municipality would have the effect of significantly increase the costs of projects and, therefore, the electricity rates,” he says.

    Mr. Arcand also said that he has already done a lot of pedagogy in this folder.

    “I myself have met several times with the mayor Lapointe, as well as the citizens of Saint-Adolphe-d Howard “.

    Minister Arcand also criticized the Parti québécois, which has given its support to Ms. Lapointe on Monday.

    “The deputies believe that our society should be open in the face of decision-unanimous position of the elected representatives of the MRC des pays-d’en-Haut “, said three deputies pq members of the Laurentians.

    The elected members of the RCN want that Hydro agrees to discuss objectively with Saint-Adolphe about his project.

    “After more than five years of consultation, I find it amazing that the members of the Parti québécois from taking a position today. But where were they all these years ? As a government, we have always taken our responsibilities, ” said minister Arcand.

    Contacted Tuesday, Ms. Lapointe said that it was totally wrong to say that the minister had met her about the line Big-Burned derivation Saint-Sauveur.

    Lisette Lapointe said she plans to formally request a meeting with the minister Arcand in the next few days.