Sale of medical data: the archivists medical are not surprised

News 4 March, 2018
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    Sunday, 4 march, 2018 09:49

    Sunday, 4 march, 2018 09:51

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    The association which represents archivists medical Quebec she says that it is no surprise the use of electronic medical records for commercial purposes.

    On Friday, The Press revealed that the data of millions of medical records have been or could be sold by the isps that host these files online.

    “We had warned the government several months ago, said Sunday by issuing a press release the president of the Association of information managers of health of Quebec (AGISQ), Alexandre Allard. We had also warned the government of risks related to the creation of data banks of biometric and genetic.”

    While welcoming the decision of the Commission access to information to conduct an investigation on the subject, Mr. Allard has called upon the Quebec government to “devote the necessary resources, while relying on the expertise of its partners, in order to give a serious shot bar in favour of the protection of medical information of the Québécois”.

    According to The Press, the risk of use of these data for commercial purposes was known to the ministry of Health, who said, however, be unable to act.