Sales of Just for laughs: glamour and malaise

News 21 March, 2018
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    Howie Mandel

    Christelle Paré

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 11:04

    Wednesday, march 21, 2018 11:08

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    Let’s start by talking about the “glamour” and featured hollywood…

    • READ ALSO: comedian canadian Howie Mandel becomes a co-owner of Just for laughs

    We learned Wednesday morning that the comedian canadian Howie Mandel, who made his career in the United States for a long time, will be a co-owner of Just for Laughs with ICM Partners . This is what I call a new “glamour” : a big firm ” partners “, it is now a known face, highly sympathetic and regular at Just for laughs/Just for Laughs. It makes the transfer of power to the Americans more human all of a sudden. I admit, I made myself take the game. I have to admit, the new seduced me.

    It is true that he is very human, Howie, even if it might seem hard sometimes as a judge on America’s Got Talent. It is part of my media landscape since he had hair, in the time of the animated series for children that he has created and produced, Bobby’s World.

    We also confirmed that the jobs and the expertise to montreal, would be preserved. To the contrary I would be greatly surprised. To change all this beautiful world would have created a net loss for some. The value of human capital at Just for laughs/Just for Laughs is extremely high.

    Now, we learn that ICM Partners are looking for partners in quebec to assist with the francophone component. I can’t wait to see who will join the group. Above all, I hope someone will join the group, if only as a safeguard for the French-language industry continues on its path with Just for laughs without accident.

    The discomfort

    It’s a funny discomfort, in fact. I wear this discomfort for some time. First, I put the cards on the table : I applaud the solidarity that is created in comedy clubs for the past two years. I was one of those who stood up to applaud at the gala des Oliviers 2016 when, at the mention of the prize for best capsule, chronic, or comedy sketch Web Mike Ward, all the clubs present that evening, went up on stage, the mouth covered by a red X, to make a demonstration of strength.

    It has been over ten years that I observe and study the ecosystem of the humour in quebec, and if there is a single critical mainly shared by the members of its industry, it is the lack of solidarity in the middle. And there, for the past two years, we feel a change.

    A change which, since the fall, is incarnate in the creation of the Greater Montreal Comedy Fest. This new festival is created and managed by artists, a second in this kind since the co-op from Dr. Mobilo Aquafest, takes a large place in the media due : to its head, there are comedians known for a long time the public, including Martin Small, and this week, we learned that they have managed to obtain the support of a sponsor weight.

    In effect, Videotron now casts its sights on the new festival. Long-standing partner of Just for laughs, this change is not farfetched : Quebecor has not used its right of first refusal for the acquisition of the empire Rozon, why not bet on a new vehicle humorous quebec ? We can only rejoice in it.

    But I have small fears that accompany me since the announcement…

    Is it that several other partners, private, public or semi-public, will be tempted to imitate Videotron and charcuteront means of Just for laughs ? Some will say : “So much the worse for the Americans ! “but to me, it is for the montreal public that I worry about.

    Because Just for laughs has this agreement with the City of Montreal, where, in particular, in exchange for services on the part of the city, Just for laughs, offers a beautiful free programming accessible to all. This programming can be seen in the street art, but also through the outdoor stages (think of the show-the return of Rock et Belles oreilles !). Thus, a montreal family can go to every day Just to laugh without having to pay $ 50 a ticket to attend a comedy show. But in order to offer free performances, it is necessary to have the means.

    And this fear moves to the Big Montreal Comedy Fest, which, according to what is known up to now, will offer performances in venues in which the price of tickets will vary between 46.87 $ 81.36 $ (depending on the Admission network, before service fees 9.50 $).

    I may be old fashioned, but I like a festival, especially when it is held in the summer, submit their “vibe” on the streets, because it is the vibration of the street which gives it a unique cachet. If this is in halls, it gives me more the impression of being a “special programming” as a festival. Especially if the tickets are quite expensive.

    Attention ! I’m not saying that our comedians are not worth the price of the ticket ! On the contrary ! It is very expensive to hold an event and the artists deserve a decent wage. Be a comedian, it really is a work in progress, even if it looks easy for them, and them on stage. It is a nasty marathon of creating an excellent number.

    I only hope that we do not neglect the public, that he, too, was upset by the allegations of the fall. It is a loyal, in love with his comics, which feeds the energy of the streets of Montreal in July, and participates heavily in the myth of Montreal as the city with the most funny in the world.

    I hope that with the arrival of Videotron, the Montreal Comedy Fest to offer free outdoor shows. It will only increase his odds of love from the public, and entrenched his loyalty for years to come.