Samsung Galaxy C10: Leaked photos confirm dual lens camera

Techno 18 July, 2017

Samsung wants to shift the top gear and should equip its future dual lens camera smartphones. This would be the case of the Samsung Galaxy C10 whose leaked photos confirm this trend.

There was a time when the world of high-tech thought that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have been the first smartphone of the firm to own a camera with dual lens. It was not the case. But a new cycle starts at Samsung. Indeed, the next spearhead of the Seoul giant, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which would be presented on 23 August would be entitled to the dual photo sensor. Therefore, it would result in all the mid-range and entry-level smartphones of the brand to own themselves this type of camera on their backside. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy C10 that sees its design leaked on Weibo.

Two photos of which one looks at the back of the Samsung Galaxy C10. The dual lens camera is present with its flash. According to Sammobile, he will not be the only one. Samsung will democratize the dual photo sensor. The Galaxy J7 (2017) and the Galaxy C7 (2017) are expected to ship one also. It remains to be seen what will be the first Samsung smartphone to come out with a camera with dual lens? Bets are launched. The Samsung Galaxy C10 has no release date or price yet. So, you will have to wait while discovering the incredible talents of Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8.