Samsung Galaxy J5 2017: I tested its photo sensor special selfie, here is my verdict

Techno 14 July, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 has a better photo sensor dedicated to selfies. To gauge the quality of this sensor, I took several photos

If the Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 throws it, it is also very effective. And I was able to notice when I first grasped this entry / mid-range smartphone. On the photo side, Samsung’s new mobile phone is equipped with a 13 megapixel main sensor, as on the J5 2016. But unlike its predecessor, the J5 version 2017 has a lens with a f / 1.7 aperture. So to measure the power of this lens, I decided to take selfies at midnight in my living room (yes, I live at night), and the result is just wow.

If the app Photos of the Galaxy J5 2017 offers the Pro, Panorama, Burst, Night, Sport modes, I personally did not change the settings. And as you can see on these selfies, the photos are sharp and detailed even in low light. And thanks to new features such as the panoramic selfie and the famous floating icon that allows you to place the trigger anywhere on the 5.5 inch screen of the J5 2017 (which you can shopper around here), it seems ‘Announce as an excellent photophone. But to be clear, I will have to transform myself into a Sunday photographer. Be online to discover my photo report in Paris.