Samsung Galaxy: New photos of the S8 range land!

Techno 3 March, 2017

A user has just unveiled new photos of one of the most awaited smartphones of the moment: the Samsung Galaxy S8!
The days scroll and photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 fall on the web. While its borderless screen lit up unveiled in a video , a user just revealed two new photos of one of the most expected smartphones on the market. It reveals its borderless screen that covers a good part of the phone, one of the most acclaimed changes by the brand’s aficionados on the web. These photos have the characteristic of being pictures taken “real” and not official renderings, allowing to get a better opinion on the smartphone when the users will have them in their possession. So welcome pictures!
But that’s not all since you also discover the phone charger and the jack. Because yes, it seems that Samsung has decided not to take the way of Apple so long evoked by abandoning this technology. A choice that some future users of the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose release date has leaked on the net , will appreciate (or not). This new batch of photos will make it possible to raise the temperature in the future owners of the smartphone before its official release. Not to mention that other images emanating from Samsung should arrive in the days to come. In short, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is indeed a reality! What do you think of these pictures?