Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Crazy advertising with Christoph Waltz

Techno 22 January, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 presented, the marketing machine can finally begin. And for this first advertisement, it is Christoph Waltz that transforms for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally a reality. After months of hallway noise, rumors, stolen photos, or concepts, Samsung finally introduced its pair philette, and queen on the market. And then we have already tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 , the marketing machine of the South Korean brand can finally begin. And to embody the excellence of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has teamed up with an American actor, Christoph Waltz. The one we saw in SS in Inglorious Basterds, or as a traveling dentist in Django Unchained, this time offers his talent to embody the different features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In this video advertisement titled “Busy busy busy (Or “busy, busy, busy” in French), the actor embodies the perfect American always busy changing the world, winning records or caring for his family. From the very good Christoph Waltz to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

In this one-and-a-half-minute advertisement, Christoph Waltz promotes the functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 through different sketches. One discovers thus the waterproofness of the smartphone, its camera, the multifunctions of the Pen, Samsung Pay, or the unlocking by scanner of iris. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, more powerful than the S7 Edge , seeks to be the perfect smartphone for Americans too busy. Advertising is therefore well marketed for American consumers, and that is why it is not likely to land in our countries. In France, although the smartphone will be available soon, Samsung has not yet begun to communicate it: the French official website refers but the brand has released no promotional video, and few operators to reference it on the website. The marketing machine of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 asks only to disembark in France. Tempted by Note 7?