Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The smartphone hotspot causes an incident in an airplane

Techno 28 December, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still makes its own! During an air flight, the phone hotspot caused an incident on an airplane!
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does not stop to talk about it. While the South Korean firm withdraws gradually the traffic models, even up disabling enforced in Europe , the smartphone still causes problems. During an air flight between San Francisco and Boston, Lucas Wojciechowski wanted to use his laptop to connect to the Wifi and made a strange discovery he was quick to share on Twitter. A hotspot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was detected, while knowing that the phablette is formally prohibited from flying in the USA. Immediately, the man warned the flight attendants who broadcast an announcement at the microphone.

The captain asked the owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to manifest without anyone reacting. After this first warning, the man threatened to re-light the lights (the flight was taking place in the middle of the night) to search all the passengers. The craft then traveled to Wyoming when a man appeared. Possessing more Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the result of explosions was finally found , it would appear that changing smartphone, the hotspot has kept the name of its former model . This is in any case the theory advanced by many users following the tweet (even if that of the bad joke is not ruled out!). What do you think ?