Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Its dual sensor is breathtaking!

Techno 31 July, 2017

Information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s long awaited photo sensor is unveiling! And it proves to be very effective, according to some snapshots.

Samsung’s subsidiary Electro-Mechanics has recently revealed on its website information about the dual photo sensor of the Galaxy Note 8. The opportunity to learn more about the performance it will offer. This morning we were already revealing the characteristics of the dual photo sensor of the South Korean phablette. Among them an optical stabilization system with a zoom multiplied by 3! But now, it is time to go back in more detail on the functions that this dual objective will propose. You’ll see, they’re as cool as they are varied.

It should be admitted, the pictures taken with the dual photo sensor of the Galaxy Note 8 sell us dream! These sensational photos, revealed on the site of the firm, show us that precision is of the right. As you can see, the Refocus effect gives a greater depth of field, the Background effect, a tenfold precision and the Brighter and High Dynamic Range effects, a much better luminosity, even in dark places. The perspective is also improved. And if its shooting performance will be increased, also know that the Galaxy Note 8 will certainly be the best multimedia smartphone! Well, that’s what Samsung says. And you, what do you think?