Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Samsung unveils the functions of its dual photo sensor

Techno 31 July, 2017

What can you do with the dual photo sensor of the Galaxy Note 8? Samsung may be unveiling the features of its new camera.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be one of the major innovations of the phablette, which will be announced at the end of August. In addition to a brand new design, the aircraft will be the first South Korean flagship to be equipped with a dual photo sensor. This innovation will allow several features that the firm may have just unveiled. It is one of its subsidiaries that must produce this component. And while searching the site of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, SamMobile discovered what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be capable of. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the phablette will be able to make an optical zoom, but it will also be possible to apply several effects.

“Smart Zoom” will be one of the major functions of the dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, it will be possible to zoom up to 3 times, without loss of quality. Convenient functions such as “Refocusing” or “Perspective View” will also be part of the game. This will allow the user to change the focus or perspective of a photo after taking it. But that’s not all ! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should excel in low-light shots, one of the usual weak spots of smartphones. We are eager to discover all this, hoping that this will be true during the presentation of the phablette, scheduled for August 23 in New York.